District 32 needs to hear from YOUR Club. This voice is carried by your Club’s President and Vice President of Education at the District Council Meeting (DCM). The upcoming DCM will be held ONLINE on Monday, September 21, 2020 beginning at 6:30pm Alaska / 7:30pm Pacific time. Everyone attending will need to register through Eventbrite prior to Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

What are we discussing and approving through a vote?

Here is the agenda for the meeting.

  • We are voting to approve the minutes from the May 2, 2020 DCM.
  • We are voting to approve the amended club alignment for TI to place Steal the Show in Area 43 and Ch’ilan in Area 62. We missed placing these two clubs during our May 2, 2020 meeting.
  • We are voting to approve those who have been selected to serve the District and its members as appointed district officers. The Trio and Division Directors were elected on May 2, 2020. We are filling out the rest of the District’s support team with the appointments for Area Directors, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and Committee Chairs.
  • We are voting to approve our District Success Plan (DSP), which sets out how we plan to support the clubs and members within District 32, and the District Budget to support the activities outlined in the DSP.

Credentials / Registration Process:

Everyone who plans to attend the DCM must register here before September 16, 2020. When you register, it is important that you use an email address that you can access at the DCM, because some voting options during the meeting will be sent to you by email (see Voting Protocol below).

We are using EventBrite to register all attendees and confirm their credentials. When you click on the REGISTER Button, you’ll see four ticket options: one for Club Officer #1, one for Club Officer #2, one for District Officers, and one for Non-Voting Attendees.  Please review the four scenarios below to determine which ticket option applies to you and register appropriately.

  1. If you are NOT a Club President, Club VPE or District Officer, please select Non-voting Attendee.  You can attend the meeting, but you will not be voting.
  2. Each Club has two votes, one for its President and the other for its VPE.  If a Club’s President and VPE are both attending the meeting, they should each register separately on EventBrite by filling in the Club Officer #1 ticket only.  No proxies are permitted.  If neither the President or VPE can attend, then your club’s votes are lost.
  3. If you are the President AND a VPE of your club or a second club, register on EventBrite, filling in Club Officer #1 and Club Officer #2 tickets, using #1 for one office and #2 for the second office.
  4. A District Officer (an Area Director, Division Director or one of the top six District Officers) also has a vote. District officers should register on EventBrite using the District Officer ticket. No individual, however, may carry more than 3 votes, no matter how many clubs in which they are an officer. Only use the District Officer ticket if you are a District Officer.

Voting Protocol During the Online District Council Meeting:

  • Some votes during the meeting will be by voice.  Be sure the device you use to attend the online meeting has a microphone, so we can hear you.
  • Some votes will be performed using an online tool called ElectionBuddy.  You must be able to access your email during the online meeting, because ElectionBuddy ballots will be emailed to you and you will have a limited amount of time in which to vote.
  • When you register, please provide an email address that you will be able to use on Monday evening during the DCM.  We will be emailing ballots to you at whatever email address you give us, so be sure it is the correct one.

If you Have Questions:

Please review the agenda and the matters that will be submitted for a vote. If you have questions before the meeting, feel free to email the District Director at dd.d32toastmasters.org. During the DCM, questions should be submitted via chat. For those attending only by phone, we will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Your Club’s vote matters! Significant issues will be decided at the DCM. It is important that Club Presidents and VPEs attend to share the voice of their club with the District.