By Sherrie Simmonds, DTM

As a Toastmaster, July 1 is like January 1. It’s a new year. Anything’s possible. You can achieve an elusive goal! Or things can fail because you did not follow through.

We are coming to a time of transition. Have you found yourself procrastinating? Maybe you’ve been working through Pathways; but avoiding certain projects. I know I was avoiding the Understanding Your Leadership Style, Know Your Sense of Humor, and Understanding Your Communication Style. Do you see a pattern here? It sounds like I just didn’t want to know myself! Fortunately, a Toastmaster’s friend and mentor (who also happens to be a VPE) said, “You should do these speeches. You know you want to finish Level 2 in those Paths before the end of the Toastmasters year.” Now I am working on them, while getting to know myself better.

Other transitions? Have you started a new job and felt lost? Maybe you weren’t introduced to your coworkers. Or you didn’t receive enough training to know what was expected of you. Toastmasters can feel that way too, when the new year rolls around and the transitioning to new leaders isn’t handled well. When club officers falter, clubs can fail.

The outgoing club officers should meet with their incoming counterparts. If you are the outgoing club president, meet with the new president to ensure that he or she feels comfortable taking on this new role and is aware of some of the “hidden duties” required, such as attending officer training and district meetings. If you’re the outgoing Treasurer, be sure the incoming Treasurer has all the necessary club records and that the proper paperwork is signed with the bank.

What transitions are you going through? Did you join Toastmasters during the Legacy Program and now find yourself wondering how best to transition into Pathways? Have you decided to serve in a club or district officer role that is new to you? Are you a current officer preparing to pass on the role to a newer Toastmaster?

Would you like to delve deeper into personal, club and district transitions? Sound Advice Toastmasters is hosting a workshop on Thursday, May 20, 5:30 AKDT and 6:30 PDT. Our panel of experienced Toastmasters will share their experiences to help you successfully navigate transitions. 

You’ll learn:

  • – The definition of transitions (from the research)
  • – The common states of transitions – how to tell if you are in transition and what to expect during a transition
  • – The factors that influence a person’s ability to cope with transitions

A panel of experienced Toastmasters (Theo Hunt, DTM; Kathy Cross Reece; Ginny Grabowski, DTM; and Mary Morrison, DTM, PDD, PID) will share what they’ve learned to help you successfully transition.

We will be opening the meeting at 5 PM AKDT/6PM PDT for socializing before the event, which starts promptly at 5:30 PM AKDT/6:30 PM PDT. Register soon with this Eventbrite Link, so you will receive the Zoom meeting information email the afternoon of the event!

We’re looking forward to seeing/meeting you then!