Once a year, most employees have to complete an evaluation process with management. For many people, competencies play a big role in that process. Did you learn any? Did you demonstrate any? What new ones will you work on now? If you need to answer any of these questions, Toastmasters leadership is for you.

Toastmasters has created a document that lays out the skills and competencies that can be gained and demonstrated as a District leader. The document can be found by clicking here. Does your career advancement require you to be better at “strategic thinking and planning,” or “team leadership?” Then a term as Club Growth Director could be perfect for you! Does your next promotion hinge on building “collaboration” skills? Then the Public Relations Manager role could help. Would having more “coaching and mentoring” experience look good on your next self-evaluation form? Then apply to be an Area or Division Director. Why not use your Toastmasters membership to boost your professional experience.

About midway through every club year, District 32’s District Leadership Committee (DLC) begins the process of recruiting and interviewing potential new leaders for the following club year. This process involves a nomination period, followed by candidate vetting interviews and the candidate forum. Elections for District positions, including Division Directors, happen during the annual D32 Conference in the spring. Appointments to other offices, such as Area Director, are completed shortly thereafter. If any of these leadership opportunities are something you’re interested in pursuing, please let the District know ASAP. If you wait until April, it’s too late.

Being a District leader is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in the supportive world of Toastmasters. Take a chance and grow those competencies!