Our conference will be held on the WHOVA platform. Register for the conference with the link below and then download the WHOVA conference app for additional features.
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The 70th Annual District 32 Conference 2021 site is now open for registration and full of great info!

This FREE virtual gathering will bring together talented speakers and workshop presenters who are ready to entertain you and share their pearls of wisdom. The online platform being used for this Conference, called Whova, will make it possible to offer an event with a mixed media approach that offers keynote speakers, live panel discussions, and networking sessions. Attendees will be able to select from the various options offered and focus oh the topics they feel are most relevant to hone their communication and leadership skills. 



Adden Humur Two You’re Presentashun!:  Accredited Speaker, and award winning humorist Conor Cunneen, DTM, provides Tips, Tricks and Techniques to add humor to your presentation to enhance your message.

The Magic of Believing in You: Keynote Speaker Greg Wood will inspire you with tools to increase your self esteem.

Crafting Your Team’s Value Matrix: Jaymes O’Pheron will help you define a clear set of quality values for your team that will give you measurement standards for success.

Hope for a Toastmaster: Donny Crandell is a military chaplain who will speak about three key areas to living each day with a positive focus.

If You Can Imagine Change and Believe in Yourself, You can Achieve Your Dream!: Andy Vargo will encourage you to “Own Your Awkward” – teaching you how to adjust your mindset about change so that it works for your benefit.

Voiceless Victim to Master Messenger: Jackie Bailey will share the unique message of abused individuals who have become powerful messengers.

You can find a detailed list of all events offered at the conference here.


Even though this is a virtual conference, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and interaction. Through the conference platform, all attendees will be able to create a profile that includes their bio and social media or website links. Attendees can chat with each other outside of the conference sessions, and start or join in conversations with all attendees on different topics. The Conference page is already live! Register today so you can start editing your profile page and prepare for the Conference!