District 32 leaders came together for the District Council meeting on September 21. What is the District Council? Who is on the District Council? Why was this important?

What is the District Council?

The District Council is the administrative governing body of the District. The District Council approves plans, budget, and other aspects of District operations. Similar in function as the club and its members, the District Council approves the plans brought to them by the District Executive Committee and together, we agree on the path forward for the District and its member clubs.

Who is on the District Council?

The District Council is comprised of the District Officers (both elected and appointed) and the club President and Vice President of Education of the clubs with 8 or more paid members. The District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and the 6 Division Directors were elected during the spring District Council meeting (May 2, 2020). Members were solicited and appointed to fill in the roster as an Area Director or as one of the three additional roles of Administrative Manager, Finance Manager, or Public Relations Manager. Does your club have eight or more members, and did your club officers attend? Ask them to share their thoughts about the meeting. Remember that only two votes per club and a maximum of two club officer votes per person are allowed for online meetings.

Why was this meeting important?

Toastmasters International (TI) has several items due from the District Council for us to conduct business and for TI to release funds for our District to operate. The District Council approves the list of appointed leaders. We need your agreement that you are willing to work with our District officers. The elected and appointed leaders form the District Executive Committee (DEC). During July and August, the DEC met to create our District Success Plan. We set the foundation for how we Do Support People. The budget, based on anticipated revenue, is aligned with funds allocated to meet the goals in the District Success Plan. We have several incentives for clubs this year. These incentives are designed to help you reach out into your community to raise awareness of your club. Share your why and wow factor. 

The club alignment was amended to meet TI requirements. Any clubs that may dissolve still need to be listed in the alignment until the club is fully terminated. If your club may be dissolving, let us know. If you have any new club leads, please share that potential with our Club Growth Director (cgd@d32toastmasters.org). We are here to support both the closing process and the beginning process for clubs. Remember new clubs may have two sponsors and two mentors. We are working on training for club sponsors and mentors. Struggling clubs may have two club coaches. We are forming a group for club coaches. Contact Program Quality Director Stephanie Lee (pqd@d32toastmasters.org ) for training and Club Growth Director Roberta Craig (cgd@d32toastmasters.org) to volunteer to serve as a club Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach. 

Our leaders set the dates for training and events. Membership Development Days are October 24th for Wow meetings, November 11th focusing on Core Competencies in an Online Environment, and December 7th showing you where you can go Beyond Toastmasters. Check the D32 website for more information. https://d32toastmasters.org/member-development-days-2020/.  Sign up for one or more events. Encourage your club members to join in too.

Mid-Year club officer training has been scheduled. Divisions A&D are hosting training on November 15th, Divisions B&C are hosting training on December 19th, and Divisions E&F are hosting training on January 23. These are the three sessions planned for all D32 club officers and information will be posted to the D32 calendar. All seven club officers need to attend training for the next training incentive. Sign up for one or more training events. Where do you choose to grow? 

The District Council approved our plans for success and the allocation of funds to help us support Happy, Healthy, Vibrant Clubs with members participating in the educational program. The voice of your club officers is needed to ensure we support you.

Items have been submitted to TI for final approval and will be shared on our website once TI has approved our submittals.

What is our next step? To support you and to provide the program for training, we need you to renew your commitment for personal growth and to share what you gain from the program. Without you, we do not have a program. Commit to your personal growth and share your why with the District. Join us October 15th in our first Online District 32 Awards and Recognition event. Cheer those members and clubs as we recognize their efforts for 2019-2020.