According to Kyle Hall, Past District Director, DTM and long time teacher of evaluations skills, the answer to the above question is one word.  If we could make just one change to our evaluations, to take them to the next level, that change would be…demonstrate.


If we are evaluating a speaker and telling them what they did well, don’t just tell them.  Demonstrate it.  If we are giving them suggestions for improvement, don’t just say it.  Show them.  

If a speaker talks too fast and we want them to slow down, breath and pause, we could tell them this…or-we-could-demonstrate-speaking-quickly-like-they-did-and-then…pause…and take a deep breath…and ask them to speak more slooowly…so we can understand them…and consider their words.  It doesn’t hurt to exaggerate our demonstration, to drive home our message.

Demonstrating increases the impact of our evaluations by:

  • Making our points really clear and unambiguous
  • Creating an opportunity for laughter with the evaluation, making our points stronger and more memorable

The next time we evaluate, we need to remember to demonstrate!

Want to learn more about evaluating, attend the Better Evaluating workshop on Saturday, Sept 28th.