How many of you can recite the Toastmaster’s Promise?

One part of the promise is to serve as club officer when called upon to do so. This year, your club may need you to serve as a club officer. Since we are an education and training organization, we encourage you to try! The first step is to learn about the different roles. Information can be found in Leadership Central under Club Officer Tools

The second step is for the club to hold an election. Elections are encouraged to be conducted the first meeting in May. An outgoing club officer then submits the Club Officer list for the next term through Club Central before June 30, 2020.

Finally, look at the projects in your path. When you serve as a club officer, those projects are resources to help you become a better leader as well as a better speaker. 

Once members volunteer to be nominated, it is time to hold club elections.  If your club is meeting online, Kyle Hall shared methods for holding elections online. Toastmasters International also has some suggestions

If your club is not meeting online, consider the potential for other methods of communication with the group. If you have more questions or concerns, please contact Club Quality and Service, or any district officer. 

Your club needs leaders. Will you step up to become a club leader?