Using Google Docs for Club Agenda

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Google Docs Club Agenda

Example of Google Docs Club Agenda

One of the most important features of a quality Toastmaster’s club meeting is a printed agenda.  Preparing a professional-looking agenda does not need to take much time but does reflect upon the quality of your club.  By spending a few minutes to create a master agenda template for your club, your members will be able to quickly create their own agendas when they are the toastmaster of the day.

To help you, we have created a Google Doc version of the Toastmasters Agenda Template found on the Toastmasters International website.  Using Google Docs (rather than Microsoft Word) for your agenda template has several benefits:

  1. You are able to create a link on your website that allows your members to view your master template.  This eliminates the need for members to continually ask one another for the latest “template” or to have to recreate one for themselves.
  2. When every member uses the same agenda template, your club builds professional credibility through branding.
  3. Since Google Docs is “Cloud Based,” everyone has the latest, most up-to-date version, even when changes are made.

To see an actual club template “in the wild,” view the Harborside Club Agenda Template.

Things to note about using Google Docs:

  1. It is best if only a few people have EDIT ACCESS to the master template.  The master template should not be directly edited to create weekly agendas.  Rather, a copy should be made for each weekly meeting–and the copy is then modified for the weekly agenda.  This way, all of the weekly agendas will have the same starting point–the master template.
  2. When you decide to post a link to your master template, make sure that you are posting a link to “VIEW ONLY.”  It is not wise to grant edit access to unknown visitors to your website.
  3. All club members will need to have their own Google Account in order to edit the template.  Google Accounts are free and can be created at  NOTE: All Gmail email addresses ARE Google accounts.  If your members do not have and/or do not want a Gmail email account, they can use ANY email address as the username for their FREE Google Account.