by Tristian Monterastelli, Anchor Toastmasters (District E, Area 53)

Have you ever felt you would benefit from self-improvement? I know I have. In the past, I tackled self-improvement with an overly strict, critical approach. I have learned that I experience more success by adopting an opposite approach. The more self-kindness and self-compassion I foster, the more equipped I am to achieve my goals and assist others in achieving theirs. My Toastmasters journey to treating myself with kindness cannot be fully understood without raw reflection. 

I first became serious about pursuing my Innovative Planning High Performance Leadership Project (HPLP) in April 2019. I had a brilliant committee, a topic I was passionate about, and a clear vision. What held me back? I had neglected an integral component: the courage to accept less than perfection. This stalled both my timeline and creativity. I allowed excuses – family time, work, other professional and club commitments, and hobbies – to creep in. The bottom line is I did not make time for my HPLP because it was easier to put it off. I made a deliberate choice to shift my perspective with a Wall Street Journal (“Are You As Busy As You Think?” article) suggestion to replace “I don’t have time” with “It’s not a priority.” This article brought me to the sobering realization that I needed to reorganize my priorities. No more excuses.

In late 2020, my own perspective shift led me to my third HPLP planning attempt with the same brilliant committee. I am elated to now invite you to the thought-provoking, inspirational workshop, Untapped Potential: Strengthening Mind & Perspective. My HPLP planning has been full of lessons learned; the Toastmasters journey is about supporting one another and helping each other realize our own untapped potential. 

I encourage you to challenge yourself with a perspective shift!  You can strengthen your mindset to be more positive and feel happier. My HPLP workshop, Untapped Potential: Strengthening Mind & Perspective, will be hosted by Anchor Toastmasters on ZOOM on Friday, February 26, 2021, 12:30-1:30 PM (Alaska Time), 1:30-2:30 PM (Pacific Time). The workshop will cover topics on mental resilience, mental flexibility, how to choose perspective, and long-term benefits.

If you would like to work on your untapped potential, please join me on February 26 to explore these topics.