Have you ever contemplated building a house? Recently, I’ve been romanticizing about my ideal retirement residence.  Its location, features to ensure the home will work for aging inhabitants, construction logistics, financing, etc.  (Insert big, long sigh here!)

The truth is a team of experienced folks will be needed to help me construct and complete my home.

The same is true to create thriving District 32 (D32) members, clubs, Areas, and Divisions.  A collection of experienced Toastmasters is needed to assist our fellow members and clubs flourish.

How may you help? Glad you asked!

Join D32’s Traveling Toastmasters Team.  

D32 is developing a Traveling Toastmasters Team, whose purpose is to assist clubs in having a successful open house.  Key items to know

  • Anyone who has earned a Pathway’s Level 3 education award may join the Team.
  • The Team should anticipate helping with three open houses per month.
  • Meeting roles the Team may fill
    • Zoom host
    • Speaker
    • Speech Evaluator
    • Educational Moment
    • General Evaluator
  • Open houses conducted by clubs with 12 members or less will be the Team’s primary focus.  

Monthly 30-minute Team meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday, 6:30pm AK/7:30pm WA time.  Watch the D32 calendar for the Zoom meeting link.

Share your Toastmasters experience and knowledge. Help construct a strong foundation, supporting D32’s members and clubs experience an exceptional open house. The positive outcomes will be increased membership and easy, repeatable actions, facilitating future success. 

Say, YES! Add the Team meeting to your calendar.  Contact Melissa Jean, Club Growth Director, cgd@d32toastmasters.org.