We love our club! Right. That is where we feel safe and encouraged. Do you know what is available beyond your club where you can practice and learn more leadership and communication skills? The District is structured to provide your club with support and encouragement. We want you to know how this support works.

In the governing documents from Toastmasters International, Article IV discusses Areas and Divisions. How does this work?


Your club is placed into an area with 3 to 6 other clubs geographically close to your club’s physical (or expected physical) meeting place. Clubs in your Area can plan events (Area-level Speech Contests, training, celebrations) together. Each Area is supported by the District through an Area Director. The Area Director is the eyes and ears for the District. The Area Directors share how we can better support your club as well as telling the District what you are doing well to support your members. Area Directors are appointed by the District Director that year.


Each Area is in a Division. The Divisions arrange the training for club officers and plan the Division events (Division-level Speech Contests, Member Development Days). The Division Directors are elected by the District Council.

What does this mean to you? Your club President and VP of Education are members of the District Council. In September, the District Council approves appointed positions, the District Success Plan, and the District budget. In April/May, the District Council votes for the elected positions, approves the alignment, and approves appointed positions. At the April meeting during our conference, the District Council approved changes to the alignment. You can see which Area and Division your club will be placed after June 30, 2021 here.

The information will be available on our D32 website under the tab for District Leadership. Other positions available in the District are the Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and Public Relations Managers. Members serving as a director or manager for a full year fulfill a requirement toward their Distinguished Toastmasters award. Contact the District Director for more information if you are interested in serving this year or next year.

If you want to compete in speech contests and learn more about leadership, consider other roles. We are looking for committee chairs, an editor for the View from 32, and volunteers to serve in the committees.

You can reach District leaders at the following email addresses:

Reach beyond your club to hone your skills in a bigger arena. Volunteer in D32 activities in your Area, Division and in D32.