by Carolyn Curley, PQD

Paths. Projects. How can I use projects beyond my club? I have heard this question from many members.

As you work through your path, look at the project titles and descriptions. Create a plan based on project information and your current level. Some projects require work outside of the club, with a speech presented to your club members. Following are three projects with components that are completed beyond the club meeting.

As I work through my next path, I will be leading at both district events and work events to support my Pathways journey. You can do this too!

Projects associated with events

Levels 3, 4, and 5 have aspects you can complete outside of the club and then provide a report to your club members. Where are you on your path?

Level 3: 

One elective is common to most of the paths: Making Connections Through Networking. Do you attend conferences for work? Do you have to talk with other people about your business in a group setting? Are you attending Toastmasters events outside your club? According to the project, “Networking can take place at any gathering that allows you the opportunity to connect with others.” Practice the skills in this project: prepare for them, then present a speech to your club after you network with colleagues or other Toastmasters.

Level 4:

Manage Projects Successfully is a project available in every path. Again, look at club, area, and division events as projects you can plan and manage. Your Area, Division, and District are always looking for members to plan training and other events. When you manage an event—you are managing a project! Contact your Area Director to find out what events are coming up.

Level 5:

All paths have the High Performance Leadership project. What skills do you want to hone? Which projects will you choose to complete? Your journey can incorporate your personal and professional goals at work by organizing seminars or workshops. Or practice leadership in the safe, encouraging environment of a Toastmasters event to WOW your supervisors and others. Contact your district leaders about what projects you want to complete – few opportunities to consider:

  • D32’s upcoming Member Development Days
  • Mid-year TLIs (January 2020)
  • District 32 Conference (in WA in spring of 2020)
  • Speech contests (club, area, division, district levels)

These three projects mentioned require components that are completed outside of club meetings. Use district events and Pathways Projects to support YOUR goals!