By: Debbie Baker

Here are three important things for your club’s to do list:

  • Send reminders to all members – dues deadline is September 30, 2021
  • Treasurers present a dues report at each meeting
  • Recognize and thank all members that have submitted renewal payments

Any club officer can submit club member dues.

Dues and Renewals

Get the membership dues renewals completed in Club Central prior to the September 30 deadline. Remember that the deadline time will be based upon Denver’s time zone, because this is where Toastmasters Headquarters resides.

When are dues due?

Renewals take place every six months from August 15 – September 30 and February 15 to March 31st. 

Collecting club renewal payments is similar to harvesting your garden. Energy may be waning as the season draws toward winter. In Toastmasters, the garden serves as an example of Toastmasters education and club participation. How are the members in your club growing? Is the club celebrating a bountiful harvest? Each member typically assesses the harvest within their lives, based upon their own effort to grow and sustain ongoing fruits (or benefits) from Toastmasters. As club treasurer, now would be a good time to visit each member to discuss results and ask questions about the goals each member desires while participating in the club. Encourage members to set goals and plant many development seeds to grow and build quality gardens in the next six months.

Collecting dues may feel awkward but it doesn’t have to result in difficult interactions. This is the time to step up and take financial responsibility for the club. There are a few tactical and practical approaches to smoothing out the dreaded dues collection period.

Explain the importance of paying on time

when you inform members that dues are due, take time to explain why it’s important. A little education and transparency is all it takes to get the personal and professional development gardens in favorable conditions. Let members know that dues collection season is upon us. Consider informing club members about where their dues are going, and remind them about the benefits they are getting out of the Toastmasters program. Explain the importance of submitting club/member dues by the deadline. Failure to pay dues on time may result in the club and its members losing good standing. Consequences to members for failure to pay dues include ineligibility for speech contests and loss of access to the Pathways program in Toastmasters International. A club’s failure to pay dues may result in suspension.

For corporate clubs, ensure your sponsors are aware of the dues schedule, and have payment procedures in place so dues can be paid on-time.

Pay your Dues on Club Central

To submit renewals online, go to and log in with your username and password. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Leadership Central button, click Club Central. It may require you to select the club name you want to pay renewals for.
  2. Click Submit Payment.
  3. Select Add to Cart for each member you want to make a payment for. You may be asked to select dates.
  4. Provide your payment information and follow the prompts to process your payment.

Track your club renewal payment progress

Track your club’s daily progress to submit eight or more membership renewal payments through Club Central before October 1st from this Toastmasters Dues Collection Leaderboard

  • Verified complete: mm/dd/yyyy
    Minimum payments have been made. Your club is in good standing. The payments must be postmarked by the deadline for your club to score the DCP goal #10.
  • Low: Minimum Requirement not yet met
    Less than eight payments have been made. Your club will not be in good standing if the minimum payments are not made by the deadline.
  • Ineligible: Minimum Requirement not yet met
    Less than three renewals have been made. Your club will not be in good standing if the minimum payments are not made by the deadline.

Renewals not here
No payments have been made. Your club will not be in good standing if the minimum payments are not made by the deadline. The club is at risk of automatic suspension.