Do you ever stop and wonder if the skills you are learning in Toastmasters apply to the rest of your life?  Or do you feel that they apply only to a Toastmaster meeting?  It doesn’t have to be that way. Daryl Murrow is living proof that you can adapt the skills we learn in Toastmasters beyond club meetings and apply them in real life.

Daryl Murrow, DTM, is a modern-day Renaissance man. He’s a business coach, professional speaker, and a trainer to other professionals (train-the-trainer guru).  He wears multiple hats, and all of them well.  Although Daryl has pretty much been self-employed his entire adult life, he attributes his current, phenomenal business success to his time in Toastmasters.  He initially joined Toastmasters because he had to train a small group and wanted to overcome his fear of speaking.  He did what many of us have done in that circumstance—joined a Toastmaster’s club and never looked back.  

Toastmasters is where Daryl developed his personal and business success.  He believes his Toastmaster experience helped him discover his purpose in life, learn leadership skills, and acquire expert level communication skills.

Life’s Purpose

Toastmasters allowed Daryl to discover himself and his love of speaking.  Toastmasters also helped him develop his creativity through speaking. Daryl already had a business as a personal and professional coach when he joined Toastmasters. He honed his speaking and creativity skills during his Toastmasters tenure, and these improved skills helped him to lead a popular pre-Covid workshop called “The Breakout Experience.” This is an intensive four-day, ten-hour-per-day workshop. It is marketed to anyone who wants to break through limitations and become their authentic self. When Covid hit, Daryl had to quickly pivot to online training, and he successfully acquired a contract from the Washington State Department of Commerce. Daryl attributes these accomplishments to the skills he learned in Toastmasters.


When he served as an Area Governor (now known as an “Area Director”), Daryl learned Robert’s Rules of Order at District Executive Council Meetings.  This knowledge, along with the skills he learned doing his High-Performance Leadership project, helped him during his tenure as President of the Lacey Chamber of Commerce. 


Toastmasters improved Daryl’s public speaking abilities. He went from being a nervous trainer in a small group to a comfortable presenter on stage.  Daryl can talk just as easily to people in one-on-one, spontaneous conversations as he can to large audiences.  He genuinely cares about others, and this comes across in his ability to engage the audience. He can pull together presentations quickly, another skill he “learned by doing” at his local club.  

Daryl Murrow is living proof that Toastmaster goals can parlay into lifelong habits and success.  To hear Daryl speak more about his Toastmaster journey, join Beyond Excellence Toastmasters (formerly Professionals in High Demand) at their April 28th meeting, starting at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time (5:30 p.m. Alaska time). For an Zoom invitation to this meeting, please email Cynthia Sanderson.