Brian Bezenek, District 32 Chief Judge

I joined Toastmasters in early 2009. I quickly learned that I enjoyed going to Conferences and competing in speech contests.  The competition was fun and taught me several useful things.  I participated as a contestant for many years, until I became involved with District leadership, which barred me from competing.  Because I didn’t want to miss out on the contest fun, I volunteered to help run the contests as a Contest Chair or Chief Judge.  This allowed me to still enjoy the contests and gave others the chance to participate in the competition process and hone their public speaking skills

I have lead contests from club level to District level over the last few years, and I have learned that managing a contest is not as scary as you might think.  This year, I have been asked to serve as District 32 Chief Judge.  I will act as a point of contact to guide other Toastmasters who wish to help at our upcoming contests.  I will also host a “Behind the Curtain” workshop to teach others how to put on a successful contest.  You can read more about this workshop below. 

This Toastmaster year, our District leadership has worked as a team to organize member development and club officer training events. In that spirit, as the District Chief Judge, it is my vision to develop a list of members willing to serve as volunteers at contests throughout the District.  Because all contests will be virtual, volunteers are not limited by geography; anyone who is otherwise qualified can volunteer to help whether located in Washington or Alaska.

 I invite you to virtually travel the District with me to assist in this year’s upcoming contests!  You can serve as a judge, ballot counter, timer, or Zoom host.  The contest dates are still being determined, but the need is great.  Please contact me, or District leadership, if you are interested in helping run the contests. Alternatively, if you are the organizer of a contest and need assistance, please send me an email.  We will have a list of potential volunteers just waiting to help.

If you want to learn more about volunteering for contests, join me at the “Behind the Contest Curtain” workshop on January 28, 2021, 5:30 PM Alaska time, 6:30 PM Pacific time. It will be a fun night of learning how to put on a contest with Tall Tales speeches, disqualified contestants, and a live ballot counting. Attendees will receive tools to make chairing a contest an enjoyable experience for all. Click here to register.