by Kyle Hall

Have you considered the benefits of stepping outside your club? Now is the time to take the next step!

Right now District 32 is looking for members to serve in the next Toastmasters year (2020–2021) in the following roles:

  • Area Director (Do you like learning how clubs work and do you enjoy helping clubs be successful?  Have you served as a club President or VP Education?)
  • Division Director (Do you want to learn about influence and leading through others?  Do you enjoy organizing events?  Have you served for at least 6 months as an Area Director, club President or VP Education?)
  • District Finance Manager (You need to be detail oriented, but a CPA is not required?  You should have accounting experience and understand basic bookkeeping practices.)
  • District Public Relations Manager (Do you possess experience in and core understanding of public relations, including social media?)
  • District Admin Manager (Are you a reliable, prompt, well-organized Toastmaster who can accurately record meeting actions?  Do you have access to a personal computer?)
  • Club Growth Director (Do you LOVE helping existing clubs grow and creating new clubs?  Have you served at least six consecutive months as a Club President and at least 12 consecutive months as a Division Director or Area Director.)
  • Program Quality Director (Do you LOVE organizing trainings, conferences and contests? Have you served at least six consecutive months as a Club President and at least 12 consecutive months as a Club Growth Director, Division Director or Area Director?)
  • District Director (Do you LOVE leading through influence, watching over the processes, building the teams and serving a LOT of people?  Have you served at least six consecutive months as a Club President and at least 12 consecutive months as a Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Division Director or a combination thereof?)

(Each of these positions will count toward ‘one year of leadership service’ for a Pathways DTM.)

In Toastmasters we learn by doing.  If we want to learn about leadership, we step up to a leadership role.  Toastmasters then trains us, supports us and mentors us, so we can be successful in that role.

If you are looking to learn about leadership…if you want to grow in ways that will take you to the next level, not only in Toastmasters but also in your professional life, consider stepping outside your club and serving in one of these roles.

The nominating committee is searching right now for energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated members interested in leading and learning in District 32.  Take the next step up and discover the leader within you.

Interested in nominating yourself or another member?  Fill out and email in this District Leader Nominating form.

If you are nominating yourself, please also fill out and email in the Officer Agreement and Release Statement and Candidate Application.

Please keep in mind, our Division Directors, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director positions are elected.  These candidates will be interviewed by the nominating committee.  These positions will be voted on during our District Business Meeting during our Annual Conference.

Area Directors, the Finance Manager, the Public Relations Manager and the Administration Manager are appointed positions, selected by the District Director Elect.

All potential candidates must complete all the required forms, listed above, and email them to Kyle Hall, the District Leadership Committee Chairperson.