By Debbie Baker, Club Growth Director 2021-2022

Talk up Toastmasters is a worldwide membership building campaign. The campaign runs Feb 1, 2022 through March 31, 2022.  Together, Toastmasters around the globe will share the educational program and the benefits that they have received. The Toastmasters’ program is cost effective and offers high quality public speaking and leadership development.  

Showcase your club by hosting an open house or workshop that entices others to join the team.  Allow guests to participate in and observe the quality program.  Most importantly, share the program everywhere.  This campaign benefits all clubs as well as newly joining members, in solidarity with all members in nearly 140 clubs across the world.  Help others discover that this program is an excellent way to practice and develop public speaking and leadership skills.  

This timely membership drive serves as a motivational push to recognize the growth you have experienced this year. Take a moment to also consider the growth that you have witnessed in your fellow club members. Take a moment during this next month to share your insight and positive feedback with each other. Share your growth with others as you invite them to join Toastmasters. Recognition is always important. Consider taking the extra effort in conjunction with the spring membership renewals. Others might not have noticed their progress and newly gained confidence. 

Clubs need to reach the minimum number of new members when we complete the final months of the Toastmasters year.  Drive your club to meet the goals that were set during the summer months.  Help each other to unite and bring the club experience to others.  Working together is one of the best ways to form relationships that turn into amazing friendships.

Everyone has a story to tell. How can each person help others find the tools that will allow them to express themselves?  Toastmasters encourages all to engage fully in the meetings, because the entire experience develops a well rounded, confident person.  

Go to for additional resources, including Talk Up Toastmasters With an Open House, written by Lark Doley, DTM, former President of Toastmasters International and “Woman of Gold.” Consider how you and your club can join the worldwide campaign to Talk up Toastmasters!