By Carolyn Curley

How can we support happy, healthy, vibrant clubs? D32 leaders proposed incentives to encourage clubs, officers, and members through the use of District Bucks.

What are District Bucks and incentives?

District Bucks are awarded by the district for specific reasons and have a set expiration date. Instead of using TI gift certificates, District Bucks provide more flexibility to clubs for membership building and member recognition events. Clubs may redeem District Bucks by submitting the certificate and receipts to request reimbursement. Approved expenses include purchases from the TI store, pre-approved expenses for membership building, and pre-approved expenses for recognition expenses. Instructions for redemption are provided on the certificates.
The current incentives include the following:

Halfway There

For clubs with 5 or more DCP goals earned as shown on the Distinguished Reports Dashboard once the December 31 end-of-month reports are posted, a drawing for $100 district Bucks will be held for each division. If a club has 20 or more members or has completed Goal 7 (4 new members), those clubs will have an extra entry. We want to encourage excellence and member participation in the educational program.

TLI All Trained:

Club officers serve as the foundation for member support. Trained officers have more resources and knowledge to support members. Clubs with every listed club officer attending a mid-year TLI and having their attendance recorded by their Division Director by February 29 will be entered into a Division drawing for $150 District Bucks. Note that a club does not need to have 7 officers, just all of their officers listed through TI need to attend a TLI. Are your club officers planning to attend a mid-year TLI? Are you interested in attending?

Open House Incentive Program

Read more about it HERE!

Is your club happy, healthy, and vibrant? Set goals that support your members and you will be on your way!