By: Club Officers of Thursday Nite Live

Thursday Nite Live (TNL) has just completed a successful transition to an in-person meeting. Because the transition turned out to be successful, the District 32 Director asked us to provide a short write-up of what helped us make a successful transition. 

The only challenge we could see was the edict handed down by the governor. Would the corona virus environment hold stable? If it diminished, would we be required to move back to Zoom meetings? That transition back would not be helpful for club morale.

In essence, the successful transition can be traced to two things: 1) a healthy relationship with the church where we hold in-person meetings, and 2) a healthy and vibrant club. I will discuss briefly each. Both of these enabled TNL to flow back to in-person meetings naturally, without disruption to meeting flow or meeting member needs. Our first in-person meeting saw 15 members present with two guests.

First, Thursday Nite Live has held every live meeting in the church since the club chartered on April 17, 1958. The pastors and the elders have been gracious in meeting our requirements and needs. The church sees Toastmasters as their contribution to community.

Second, and as stated earlier, TNL is a healthy and vibrant club. The reasons for the easy move to the church lie beyond the planning by the club officers. They are as follows: 1) a strong central membership core, 2) a dedicated club officer core, 3) well planned meetings that meet the “big E’s” . . . Energetic, Educational, and filled with Electricity, and, 4) a strong mentorship and initial orientation program. Each of these reasons contains its own merit and contributed substantially to the move.

We should also acknowledge a pent up demand for movement to in-person meetings.

We are working to move our club to hybrid status. At our first meeting, we had one member using Zoom – a member recovering from surgery. At our second meeting, we had two possibles. Unfortunately, we could not connect to the church wi-fi, but this issue can be corrected in future meetings.

As they say, the move “was a piece of cake.”