The 70th Annual D32 Conference will be held April 19-24 with weeknight activities and Saturday festivities. Imagine – Believe – Achieve! Where will you head on your journey?

Are you interested in personal growth? Would you like to join our talented team? We have openings for a member to head up our talent search for amazing educational presenters, a chief cat volunteer herder, an organizer for our District International Speech Contest, and other supporting roles to help us put on an amazing contest.

Join Melissa Jean, Carolyn Curley, Deborah Barta, Vicki Randolph, Amie Haakenson, Phillip Person, Cynthia Sanderson, Angela Ritchey, Robert Towner, Sherrie Simmonds, Carol Shaw-Bennett, Debbie Baker, and Tristian Monterastelli as we plan exciting events for our conference. Be the first ones to know the details!

Contact Melissa Jean  or Carolyn Curley to join in on planning this amazing event.