The District Rewards Program recognizes the efforts of clubs, their officers, and members, for activities that:
  • Promote the club throughout the community to current and prospective members.
  • Foster fellowship through fun, friendly and vibrant club meetings.
  • Encourage participation in the Distinguished Club Program.
District Bucks awarded as part of the District Rewards Program must be redeemed using a Voucher for Reimbursment for within the Toastmaster year they are awarded. Reimbursement forms should be emailed to the District Director at Click HERE to check the status of your club’s District Bucks.

Membership Growth & Retention

  • New Member Onboarding: $10 awarded for each new to Toastmasters member completing Pathway level 1. Maximum club award $40 per year.
  • September Membership Retention: Awarded to a club with no net member loss per as of October 31 renewal payments versus base. Minimum 8 members required, 3 of which must be renewing members from the prior pay period. $25 per club.
  • April Membership Consistency: Awarded to a club that has no net member loss as of March 31 renewal payments versus base. Minimum 8 members required, 3 of which must be renewing members from the prior pay period. $25 per club.

District Fellowship

These are rewards to individual members for participation in District Committees. Maximum award to an individual member is $50.

  • Club Growth Director’s Committee: $25 award for organizing and participating in two Demonstration Meeting events.
  • Coach’s Corner: $25 award for the following.
    • Attendance/participation in six Coach’s Corner meetings, AND
    • Appointment as Club Coach.
  • Education Committee: $25 award for the following.
    • Attendance/participation in six Education Committee meetings, AND
    • Comfirmed completion of High Performance Leadership (HPL) project, or DTM project. OR serve on the Advisiory Committee of a member’s HPL or DTM project.
  • Virtual Taskforce: $5 award for serving as Zoom host/co-host for any of the following District events. (Maximum $25 per member annually).
    • Club Officer Training
    • Member Development Day
    • District Leadership Event
    • Area/Division/District Speech Contest
  • District Speech Contest Committee: $25 award for serving as a Committee Chair or Chief Judge for an Area, Division, or District Speech Contest.
  • District Conference Committee:$25 award for serving as an action committee chair (Education, Publication, Facilitation, etc.)


  • District Passport: Drawing for one of three gift packages valued at $50, awarded at the District Conference social event, for individual member who participates in each of the following District 32 activities. Member must register for the District Conference. Click to download District Passport.
    • Attend another D32 club’s meeting and take one idea back to your club.
    • Attend a D32 advanced or specialty club meeting (of which you are not currently a member).
    • Attend a D32 Area, Division or District Event (i.e. speech contest, training, etc.)
    • Volunteer at a D32 Area, Division or District Event.
    • Chair a D32 Area, Division, or District Event.
    • Participate in a D32 Speech Craft, Youth Leadersip, or Demo meeting.
    • Sponsor a new member.
    • Register for the District Conference.

Distinguished Club Performance Goals

  • Moments of Truth: $25 awarded to each club that conducts and submits final report of Moments of Truth to the club’s Area Director and District Program Quality Director
  • Club Success Plan: $25 awarded to each club that submits a Club Success Plan submitted to the Club’s Area Director and District Program Quality Director September 30.
  • Thriving Benchmarks: $25 awarded to each club when members complete the following benchmarks by the following deadlines.
    • 4 members complete any 2 levels by October 31.
    • 2 members complete any 3 levels by December 31
    • 2 members complete level 4, 5, or DTM by March 31.
  • Club Officer Training: $25 awarded to each club for trained officers per the following requirements and deadlines.
    • First Round: $25 per club with four different members* trained by August 31.
    • Mid-Year: $25 per club for each club with all club officers trained by February 28.
  • Fab 5: $50 awarded to each club that achieves five goals by December 31.
  • Delightully Distinguished: $100 awarded to each club that achieves Distingushed Club status by April 1.

#32 Marketing

These are rewards for promoting club activities to current and prospective members throughout District 32’s service area.

  • Demo Meeting: Up to $25 in social media advertisement for demonstration meeting as part of sponsoring a new club. Maximum $50 per club annually. The Demo Meeting plan must be submitted to the Club Growth Director
  • District Open House Tour: Up to $25 in social media advertisement for Open House plan submitted four weeks in advance of event using the Event Request Form. Maximum $25 per club annually. Plan must include:
    • EventBrite registration link.
    • Description of meeting theme.
    • PDF of complete agenda.

The following rewards must be submitted using the #D32Marketing Submission Form and requiring agreement with the TI Media Release Statement.

  • #32MyWhy: $25 award for 1-2 minute video explaining your motivation for joining Toastmasters, how it has helped you reach a personal or business goal, and why others should join. Maximum $100 per club annually.
  • #32WowFactor: $25 award for 2-5 minute video explaining what makes your club unique, and why prospects should choose your club to be part of their Toastmaster journey. Maximum $25 per club annually.
  • #32PhotoContest: $5 award for picture of club member activities to be used in banner ad that symbolize a Toastmaster benefit or value. Maximum $25 per club annually.

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