From speech by Toastmaster Doris Zahn, President of Stately Speakers Club 888481, 2019-2020

“Sandi personifies the Toastmasters Promise we all should strive to attain.  Sandi attends meetings regularly, prepares and fulfills her meeting assignments, provides members with helpful, constructive evaluations, has served as an officer when called upon to do so, adheres to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters education and recognition programs, and helps maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow.  Sandi does it with the special finesse built in her.  When she was our Secretary her minutes show the detailed and accurate notes she took at all our meetings, when she became our President her focus and planning made sure we became a Distinguished Club, as Division Director she was always there for us despite her obligations to other clubs, as a fellow member she has helped me on several occasions with dedicated fervor and patience, and I am sure she has helped other members in the same manner as well.  She always has a word for us to adhere to when we conduct business and we can rely on her to do it the Toastmasters’ way.  This past year she has performed her Toastmasters duties despite her medical challenges.  For instance, if she could not make it to a meeting in person she was with us through speaker phone as Table Topics Chair; she attends most meetings despite all the effort that takes her to be with us.  In my view she has gone beyond to be an exemplary Toastmaster. Fellow Toastmasters please join me in honoring Sandi as Stately Speakers Toastmaster of the Year! “

Sandi led Stately Speakers to President’s Distinguished, nine of 10 goals, in program year 2015-16 and led Division C to Distinguished in 2016-17. She touched the lives of many Toastmasters. Sandi will be fondly remembered and greatly missed.