By Stephanie Lee, District Director

If you have been around District 32 for a while, you may have noticed that clubs get shuffled into new Areas and Divisions at the beginning of each Toastmaster year. There is a District Alignment Committee that puts that plan together, and we are looking for committee members to help.

The committee, which is made up of at least one representative from each Division, begins its work in January. The committee is given the list of current clubs and potential clubs, along with all of their meeting info (day and time). The committee then works on a plan for splitting the clubs into roughly even Areas of 3-4 clubs in a way that is conducive to club visits by Area Directors and other District leadership. That plan is then presented at the District Council Meeting in May for approval.

If you love a good spreadsheet or puzzle, this committee is for you! Interested members can contact Stephanie Lee at for more information or to volunteer.