This year has been unpredictable with many challenges tossed into our path, altering our plans. As outgoing Program Quality Director, I have been looking at the TI Dashboard ( to see how clubs and members are doing. 

Congratulations, Distinguished Clubs!

Congratulations to Alaska USA Toastmasters Club, Word Weavers Club, Meridian Toastmasters, Public Utilities Toastmasters, Thursday Nite Live Toastmasters Club, and CHI Franciscan Toastmasters for achieving President’s Distinguished and to Little Norway Club for reaching Select Distinguished. 

Make your nominations

TI has provided new recognition for this year. Check out the BRAND NEW opportunities here and share your nominations with the Trio at, and

Submit next year’s officer slate

39 clubs have submitted their incoming club officer list through Club Central. Has your club held elections AND entered the names of your future club officers online? These actions are the first step for supporting your members though success next year. If your club does not have an officer submitted before June 30, 2020, your club will have to go through a painful process to regain access to Club Central. 

Recognize your members

How have your members honed their skills? Have your members been completing projects or manual speeches while your club has been meeting online? What about achievements earned before we were quarantined? Has a Base camp Manager approved their level completion AND has a club officer entered that educational achievement into Club Central? If you are in one of the 16 clubs with NO educational achievements earned by members, have you helped your members meet their personal goals this year? How close is your club to supporting a member completing an educational achievement that will help the club complete a club goal?  722 educational achievements have been earned by D32 Toastmasters with 135 of those achievements earned since March 15, 2020. There is still time to continue growing. If you are not online, are you willing to try? Contact the Nerdmasters or a district leader if you are interested in visiting a club holding online meetings. See how fun this can be. By the way, there is a Pathways Project for Managing Online Meetings. We have a few resources to help you.

Nominate your Favorite Toastmasters!

Each year, members of District 32 work hard to create an outstanding Toastmasters experience and to support each other. And each year, we have some stand-out members who really shine in what they do throughout the year. We recognize these outstanding members with our “Of the Year” awards. 

Please take a moment to nominate and tell us about a Toastmaster you know who has gone above and beyond the regular activities we all do (use this form). 

Deadline to respond is June 30 at midnight, AK time. Awards will be given at Member Development Days (assuming we can all meet in person by them). We will announce the winners at a Club Officer Training event in July and here in the View from 32. 
Thank you to each and every member of District 32! This has been an unusual year in more ways than one and I sincerely appreciate all that each of you has done to keep our clubs strong.

Is your club meeting online?

If your club has gone online and continues to allow online attendance, has that information been updated in Club Central? By indicating that your club allows online attendance and completing 4 educational goals, a club receives the Online Ovation/Education Silver Award from Toastmasters International (TI). If the club completes 6 educational goals, they receive the Online Ovation/Education Gold award from TI. We have potentially 32 clubs that could qualify if they have updated Club Central to allow online attendance. Is your club one? How many members need to complete an achievement for your club to qualify? If your club is meeting online, check out the Virtual Victories . If your members agree, your club may be entered and featured on the TI website.

The year ends on June 30, 2020. What are you doing to continue your journey toward personal growth? Together, we can celebrate our achievements and victories. Share your victories with us.