by Carolyn Curley, District Director

Hey Carolyn, I want to say I think you did a great job taking over the project meeting the other day. You picked up without skipping a beat!!  You very much conducted yourself like you had no stress and had planned for it!! The project coordinator didn’t have to think twice about dropping your name.  You’re great at this telework stuff…even though you’re at the office.    


The project coordinator was unexpectedly called away during one of the meetings with the company. Would you be able to step in and continue the meeting? I received this recognition in an email from one of my coworkers. Would you like to receive similar comments from your coworkers? 

Toastmasters educational programs and regular practice with my clubs have given me the confidence to facilitate meetings, both on site and online. To boost your confidence in work settings, consider completing the project Manage Online Meetings. As Toastmaster of your online club meeting, you facilitate the online meeting. I practiced using this project while serving my club. The skills I honed are recognized by my coworkers. Practice your confidence in your club meetings.