District 32 has two great opportunities to learn and put into practice the PR skills it takes to be effective in promoting anything in life – whether at your job, volunteer efforts, your place of worship or your child’s school! It’s important to learn the communication skills we acquire in our public speaking – and apply them to written and social media communication:

  • know your why – what you offer and how it helps people
  • understand your audience and what message will reach them
  • craft communications in various channels to connect your audience to your why!

District 32 has two exciting openings for Toastmasters who want to put these valuable skills into practice, build their resumé, and help out your fellow Toastmasters all at the same time!

After reading these job descriptions, please email Stephanie with your interest in either position.

1. Public Relations Manager (PRM) – Job Description & Competencies

Do you enjoy networking with new people? Do you enjoy talking about the Toastmasters program and clubs? Do you enjoy interacting on social media? Do you enjoy working with a dynamic team to achieve goals? Then the District 32 Public Relations Manager (PRM) might be a great position for you!

As the District’s PRM, you are responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program for District 32. By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the District and its clubs, as well as between the District and the public, you will work to increase awareness of Toastmasters through local media and social media outlets. 

The main responsibilities of the PRM are:

  • Protecting the Toastmasters brand.
  • Developing a public relations plan:
    • Reviewing and using the PR tools and resources available to you, based on the training you receive from Toastmasters International.
    • Setting goals for D32 based on the previous PR efforts, and your own goals.
    • Helping set and monitor the PR budget for the D32 PR program.
    • Planning  a publicity calendar to determine when and how you will promote D32.
    • Identifying the platforms and tools you will use to attract and connect with fellow members (internal audience) and news media (external audience) including District news releases, websites and social networking sites.
    • Communicating Toastmasters’ key messages when writing news releases and speaking to members, potential members and journalists.
    • Collaborating with your District leaders to discuss your PR plan, activities and initiatives.

PRM is a great position to help build the following skills:

  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Empowering and developing team members 
  • Inspiring and motivating team members 
  • Team building 
  • Team management 
  • Collaboration 
  • Analytical skills

District Leader Competencies Matrix

2. Newsletter Editor – Job Description & Competencies

Are you the type of person who loves to connect people with resources that help them grow? Do you love digital communication and want to improve your skills in that area? Have you always wanted to learn how to produce a highly effective newsletter and website content – but need a great project to practice? The View from 32 Newsletter Editor is just the venue for you!

The Editor’s job is to produce twice-monthly newsletters that communicate the most important events and ideas that are going on throughout the District. The newsletter is the one way – for some the only way – that members keep up with what they need to know, and presenting this information in digestible, logical, and professional materials is a satisfying task for an Editor who loves to have a hand in knowing what’s going on – and seeing his or her work bear the fruit of participation in activities!

The main responsibilities of the View from 32 Newsletter Editor are:

  • Protecting the Toastmasters brand.
  • Producing a twice-monthly newsletter:
    • Collaborating with your District leaders to brainstorm each issue’s content at monthly meetings.
    • Developing a team of contributors:
      • The PR team serves as the core of the contributors, as they’re most aware of activities and priorities.
      • Inviting toastmasters with experience in particular areas to contribute content, and working with them to craft effective messages.
    • Creating Blog content:
      • Posting collected articles to the D32 blog in WordPress.
      • Working with our Copy Editor to polish the wording.
      • Matching articles with appropriate graphics on the web and in the newsletter.
    • Creating Email content:
      • Designing each newsletter using a template in Constant Contact.
      • Strategizing an information hierarchy to prioritize the most important information.
      • Matching newsletter graphics with blog graphics where needed.

Skills required: Some digital savvy is a must; while this position is one that can be learned, basic computer skills are required. The current Editor will remain for a long mentoring period and will be available for questions, creation of graphics, and other help as the new Editor gets up to speed and beyond.

View from 32 Editor is a great position to help build the following skills:

  • Creating effective digital content
  • Implementing communication strategies in a large organization
  • Developing competencies in WordPress (website blog) and Constant Contact (outbound email). 
  • Building a body of tangible work
  • Collaboration with a team

Please email Stephanie with your interest in either position. She’ll be excited to work with you!