Most clubs are aware of having an open house as a way of building membership, but not every club has engaged in an incentive contest to achieve the same goal. Sometimes the toughest problems require creative solutions.

A membership building contest is exactly what it sounds like: use the excitement of friendly competition and prizes to incentivize your members to bring guests. Pick a time frame, one to two months typically, and track the number of guests and guests who become members. Then award prizes at the end of that time frame. How your club decides to structure that is where you get to stretch those creative muscles. Here are some potential examples:

  • Everytime a member brings a guest, they receive one ticket. If that guest becomes a member, they receive two more tickets. Then at the end of the membership contest, tickets are drawn for prizes.
  • Have members organize in teams. Each guest brought by the team earns a certain number of points. If the guest becomes a member, that earns the team more points. At the end of the contest, the team with the most points wins a prize.

Prizes do not have to be large or expensive. Your club can give things as simple of coffee gift cards, items from the Toastmasters store, or donated items from businesses of members. The whole point is to have fun and take the fear out of inviting guests!