I’m Sandy Allnock, and I wrote an article last year around this time with lots of wonderful information and downloadable tips to help clubs run great contests. But what to do when we have our meetings online?

Just because a contest is happening via Zoom doesn’t make it any less important. In today’s world, learning to communicate in compelling ways *on video* is more important than ever; learning to deliver a WOW speech on video is a crucial skill for our ongoing life goals; long past the pandemic, many of our workplaces will have more and more virtual meetings, and we need to rock them!

Club contests in 2021 are to be held by February 19th, 2021. Area by March 2, and Division by April 2, leading up to District competition at our Conference.

The current Speech Contest Handbook has a section on Virtual Contests, so be sure to read it carefully!

Recruit your club’s Contest Chair just after the first of the year, and talk up the contest at each club meeting. Email each club member to encourage them to take part in the International Speech Contest or Evaluation Contest! If you’re not meeting in person, reaching out individually may really help in getting participation from eligible club members..

The Contest Guide document was created in a non-pandemic year, but includes helpful checklists for timelines, volunteers etc; scripts to use during a contest; briefing notes; sample emails; and much more. Links within this document are to the contest documents available for the 2019-2020 year; refer to this year’s Speech Contest Handbook for updated information.