Pathways is Coming

by Jan 30, 2017

District 32 is scheduled to implement the new Pathways experience in the autumn of 2017. To make this happen, D32 needs at least 11 members to fill the new “Pathways Guide” role (7 in Divisions A-D, 4 in E-F). A “Guide” will visit up to ten clubs and train members about how the Pathways learning experience works. Being an existing Pathways Ambassador is not a requirement, and, in fact, Ambassadors may not necessarily qualify as Guides. Ambassadors are program advocates. Guides are program trainers. A Guide must make a 6-month commitment to training, including getting trained themselves. Being a Pathways Guide – and fulfilling all of the requirements – will satisfy the District Leadership requirement of Advanced Leader Silver award. Normally this takes a full year commitment as an Area Director or above. This is indicative of the amount of work involved to be a Guide. If you are interested in being a Guide, contact me


For more information on being a Pathways Guide – including the full list of requirements and needed knowledge and skills, visit this site.


For more information on the Pathways program itself, visit the above link.


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2016-2017 Program Quality Director

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