Pathways is Coming March 2018

by Nov 10, 2017

TI has started us on the Pathways Rollout, targeting us for March 2018 implementation. We must have our Pathways Ambassadors and Guides in place by December 5th. Once we have our Ambassadors and Guides in place, they’ll receive training. They then start going out in teams of two to visit clubs.

What can your club do to prepare for Pathways? I’m glad you asked.

  • Find out who in your club is excited to embrace this new educational system. The District is asking each club to name a Pathways Champion, someone within the club who will:
    • Be the first point of contact for our Ambassadors and Guides.
    • Jump into learning Pathways and start working a new Path ASAP.
    • Assist their club mates from time to time in learning Pathways.
  • Your club should be ready to schedule an Ambassador/Guide team to visit and present in January – March. You should expect they’ll take 40 – 50 minutes, so for many clubs their visit will take the entire meeting.
  • The Guide’s presentation will often require a laptop, projector and screen. You should survey your members to find out who owns these devices and is willing to bring them into a club meeting. This will make the setting up of an Ambassador/Guide visit easier. If your members do not own any of this equipment, let your Ambassador/Guide team know.

If you want to be your Club’s Pathways Champion, or are interested in being a Pathways Ambassador or Guide, contact… you guessed it… Kyle Hall.