Password Security

by Aug 13, 2017

Passwords are an important part of our modern lives and practicing password security is essential.  It is becoming more difficult to function without using a computer of some sort–whether we’re online banking from home, shopping on a tablet at work, or communicating with friends and family on our phones, and so we are constantly creating usernames and passwords to access the virtual world.  Having so many accounts makes it a logistical problem to keep track of so many passwords… Often we are tempted to take shortcuts–sometimes with great potential risk.  Using weak or overused passwords can put us at financial, social, and emotional risk.

Password security begins with our own personal habits.  Creating strong passwords–different passwords–for each online account that we have is necessary to protect our accounts from hackers.  In Toastmasters, we are challenged to become leaders–not just in Toastmasters–but in all sectors of our lives–personal, professional, whatever.  Part of being a modern leader is becoming familiar with the latest technology… and using it safely.  Creating and using strong passwords IS BEING A LEADER!

When creating a secure password, here are a few things you should avoid:

  • using common passwords such as password1234
  • reusing passwords for multiple websites
  • sharing passwords with other people

This week we share with you a nice video from Wired magazine with suggestions on how to overcome the logistical problem of having so many usernames and passwords, and how you can create your own secure passwords.  If you find this post useful, be sure to share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook using our Social Sharing buttons!  Remeber that the Squeaky Wheel is YOUR District 32 resource for learning technology for use in Toastmasters!  Have a topic you’d like to see us cover?  Tweet your topic to us @district32tm with the hashtag #SqueakyWheel.

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