By Stephanie Lee, Club Growth Director

Last club year, my home club of Untwisted Tongues held an open house. It was a pretty standard story: struggling club plans repeated open house events, with varying results—even sometimes with no guests! Going into our latest event, we decided to go about things a little differently.

First, we started planning the event 4 weeks in advance. We picked a date with the most potential members available to attend. Members were assigned roles such as refreshments and printing of flyers, and we heavily promoted the event for the month using a shareable Facebook event. And finally, we had a presentation at a meeting about how to effectively invite guests.

We expectantly awaited our Open House day: it was the most successful open house of which I’ve ever been a part! The meeting had 10 guests and a newly energized membership. This club year, District 32 would like to help your club put on a similarly successful open house event by offering an Open House Incentive Program.

Open House Incentive Program requirements

District 32 will match up to $25 of your open house budget to help your event get more traction. That money can be used for things like Facebook advertising, printed materials, or ordering Toastmasters paper invitations.

The District has put together both a planning sheet and post meeting debrief form (email the Club Growth Director for the documents) for interested clubs to use.

  1. Complete the Club Open House Plan form and submit to the District at least 1 month before the event
  2. Promote the open house to the public in some fashion, ie:
    • Shareable facebook event
    • Press release or community calendar listings
    • Flyer/invitation distribution in surrounding area
  3. Complete a post-event meeting and debrief.

Please contact me with any questions you have; I’m looking forward to a year full of successful Open House events across the District!