Ginny Grabowski, Public Relations Manager

One of the most frustrating pieces of being a Toastmaster is keeping membership filled. Sure, there are some clubs that never seem to struggle with membership, but for most of us, it’s a struggle. 

I feel you. My own club went from 19 to 8 in a matter of weeks as people evaporated due to life changes. We were finally feeling like we figured it out. We were back on top of the world. Only to watch the membership plummet. Sound familiar?

I have good news. We, District 32, are taking action to help all clubs benefit from marketing done by Toastmasters International. We have resources available to you right now that can help you to grow your club membership. 

  1. LinkedIn. Yes, District 32 Toastmasters now has a presence on LinkedIn. If you’re already using the platform, make sure to like and follow us. Why is this important?
    1. Toastmasters is a fantastic resource for building your career. 
    2. Toastmasters International is executing marketing campaigns on a global scale through LinkedIn. 
    3. When your like and follow us on LinkedIn, people in your network who see the International campaign may also see that you like and follow Toastmasters of Alaska and Western Washington – D32. That connection can lead to a conversation about Toastmasters, which could lead to a new member joining your club.
  2. YouTube. Yup, we have a YouTube Channel, too. What’s on the YouTube Channel? Soooooo much great info! Here’s a sample of videos and there are many more. Subscribe to the channel to get notified when we post something new.
    1. Club Marketing 101: Learn from the best! Kyle Hall share tips, tricks and his own experience growing clubs to charter strength. Everything in this video is actionable and will help you grow your club membership. 
    2. How to set up your Club’s Website (Free Toast Host): If you’re a new VP-PR or other club leader, you may be struggling to set up your club’s website. Watch this video to learn everything you need to know in this step-by-step lesson.
    3. How to set up your Club’s Website (Easy Speak): Just like the video above, but for Easy Speak. 
    4. Getting ready to hold a Club Speech Contest? Check out this panel discussion that covers all of the “how-to” info you need to hold a great club contest. 
  3. Facebook. I know, I know. It’s the social media channel we love to hate, but it’s also where D32 has its strongest presence. We have a group that is only open to members of D32 and that’s where we will post the most up-to-date, what’s happening in the District information. Here you’ll find info on upcoming training, leadership, conferences, contests and anything else we’re up to. Make sure you join the group to stay up to date. 
  4. District 32 website. This is the #1 place to find out everything you need to know about what’s happening in District 32. Here you’ll find a calendar of events, rotating banners with important information and anything you need to know about the district. Make sure you’re on our email list so we can come directly into your inbox and you never miss a thing. Find out about upcoming training, register to join the training, Find out how you can get more involved and help fix things that you think need fixing. Help and support your fellow Toastmasters and receive help and support from fellow Toastmasters. 

We, the District Leadership are here to support all clubs in achieving excellence. These are just a few of the resources we have available to you. Take advantage of them all and get more out of your time with Toastmasters.