by Sandy Allnock, outgoing Editor of the View from 32

What a ride these last few years have been in service as your View from 32 Newsletter Editor! I began with trepidation, having never created a newsletter before. I could have been asked to steer a spaceship and have had a similar level of confidence. But now? I’m an old hat at the Constant Contact platform the District uses, and can assemble our bi-weekly newsletter quickly. I am ever grateful to Toastmasters for providing a place where we learn by doing. Can you look back to your life before Toastmasters and see your own growth?

View from 32 Publication schedule

There’s a big change coming to the newsletter: the District will be moving from 2 issues a month to one. This will have several benefits:

  • CONSISTENCY: Every issue will be sent on the first day of each month.
  • DUE DATES: Content will now be due one week prior to the first of the month.
  • STREAMLINING: More targeted communications = less emails clogging your inbox!

What happens if there’s content to share outside the once-a-month window?

For District, Division, and Area events happening throughout the month, and any other news that comes up outside of that consistent window – this blog will continue to post content as it is ready. That means if you miss a newsletter deadline, and haven’t gotten your evergreen content turned in for promotion in that newsletter, articles will STILL be posted here as they are submitted, edited, and approved. Once it’s ready, you’ll be sent a link to your article, and you can link to that in your own promotion on Facebook or elsewhere, and your content can be used for your Pathways projects in the same way they previously had. They just may not make it into the emailed newsletter, that’s all! Read about how to submit an article.

As always, District, Division, and Area events can be added to our District events calendar through this form.

The PR team may choose to send out “special” updates at important times in the year – for instance, contest or conference seasons may require more communication, so you might receive an extra email.

A request for you, dear reader

As we make this change on July 1, I’d like to ask a favor of each member reading this right now: ask your club members if they’re receiving the View from 32, and if they are not, link them to our website to subscribe to it. You might think everyone is automatically subscribed when they join a club in our District – but that’s a fully opt-in process. If club members have opted out of getting email communications from Toastmasters International, they’ll never receive all the great info that District 32 puts out. We have a large number of members who aren’t even aware that they’re missing out on our news. If you announce they’ll only get ONE newsletter a month, they might decide to join us in knowing more about what’s going on in the District!

View from 32 Editor change

For every season, there’s a beginning – and an end. It’s time for me, Sandy, to hand over the keys of the spaceship to a new pilot! It’s been my mission for two years to make our newsletter more member-centric, providing easy-to-navigate content to inform, inspire, and grow each Toastmaster we reach. I’ve enjoyed working with our webmaster Alex in creating content that now lives permanently on this blog, and will miss our late-night texts trying to fix things I broke! (I’ve promised him occasional texts just so he doesn’t forget me!)

I’d like to introduce you to Christina Welsh, who will be the new editor! I’ll be onboarding her in coming weeks, and sticking around to support her for a few months as she learns what to do when the ship rattles or something else happens. I do hope you’ll do her the honor of reading the newsletter and sharing your feedback with her!