Who is the 2019-2020 Toastmaster of the Year? Who won the first-ever John Villesvik Award? Did your club win an award?

All of these questions were answered on Thursday, October 15 in District 32’s first Zoom celebration. Dozens of you turned out for the event (I think we may have had around 100 members attending, but I’m not sure what the final number was). 

Here’s a list of the winners and links to the top award winners’ video presentation and acceptance.

Congratulations to us all for an incredible, challenging, amazing 2019-2020!

The Online Ovation/Education Award celebrates clubs that moved to an online format during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Silver Award goes to clubs that achieved at least 4 education awards. The Gold award goes to clubs that achieved at least 6 education awards. Click here to view the slide to see if your club won an award. 

The Area-Level Online Ovation Award goes to Areas that achieved  50% (Bronze), 75% (Silver), or 100% (Gold) of paid clubs allowing online attendance (slide for this).

The Division-Level Online Ovation Awards goes to the Division achieving 50% (Bronze), 75% (Silver), or 100% (Gold) of paid clubs allowing online attendance. Congratulations to:

  • Lucas Doelman, Division C, Bronze award for 50% of your Division’s clubs going online. 
  • Sherrie Kenyon, Division A, Marcie Grillett, Division B, Roxanne Strutz, Division D and Brian Bezenek, Division F all achieved the Silver Award. 
  • Roberta Craig, Division E gets the Gold.

District 32 won a Silver Online Ovation Award for 77% of clubs in the district going online.

Membership Consistency Awards: Clubs that maintained member count from Base to July 1, 2020: Slide

Membership Resiliency Award: Clubs that grew membership from base 2019 to July 1, 2020 (slide).

 The Great Revival Award Clubs that bounced back from the brink of closing: Sweet’s Pride.

 Area Director – Visiting Victor Award Area Directors who completed 100-% of their Area Director reports by May 31, 2020. Details here.

Congratulations to our brand new Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM): Ryan Orseth, Jose Luis Mercader, Roxanne Strutz, Brad Grinrod, Jackie Holzman, Naomi Sweetman, Raul Rovira, Amy McFarlane, Robin Lee, Member of Olympus Club, Eric Muehling, Robin Brooks, Mike Marion, Melanie Bray, Lindy MacLaine, Sophia Agnero, Mary Morrison, Stephanie Lee, Roberta Craig, Jean McDonald, Margaret Orn, Alex Mayo, Lonnie King.

Special Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to a member who has spent quite possibly the greatest number of years as a member of the D32. He has documented the our history and attended every conference held in District 32: David Lewtas. 

Rising Star: To new members of D32 who have enthusiastically jumped into leadership roles either in their clubs or within the larger district: Alysha Julius, Lindsay Osier and John Hansman. 

Shining Star Award goes to longer-term members of D32 who stepped up into greater leadership roles: Amanda Lutek, Liberty Jubilee Zhang,  Melissa Jean, Vicki Randolph, and Kyle Miller.

Club President of the Year: Ruth Coe of Latitude 61 Toastmasters. 

Area Director of the Year: Troy Stevens, Area 14 Director.

Division Director of the Year: Roberta Craig, Division E Director.

Toastmaster of the Year: Phillip Barry of Iceman Orators

John Villesvik Award: Kyle Hall, Sequim Toastmasters.

Please take a moment to congratulate the winners. We now turn to making 2020-2021 as amazing as 2019-2020. 

Kyle Hall, DTM, recipient of John Villesvik Award