Personal Growth. Confidence. How have you been transformed by joining a Toastmasters Club? What changes have you observed in your fellow members? We have resources in the manuals and the Pathways Projects, but those resources are just tools. Each member decides how to best use those resources for their journey. How does this program encourage and motivate the transformation and growth you feel and see?

The magic of the Toastmasters Experiential Program begins with the climate you and your fellow members create in your club and program meetings. The magic continues through your members as they work toward personal and educational goals. What makes your club special? Has your leadership completed the Moments of Truth survey?

First Impressions – “Love time & location – convenient to work so that I can attend with minimal interruption to the day. I get to meet people from other divisions in my company.” “One thing I love about my club is that they meet in my office building and it is extremely convenient to make the meetings.” “My club is the most welcoming and caring club.“

Where and when does your club meet? Who can you invite to a meeting?

Membership Orientation – “We care about our members and have established a solid structure of support. We have a mentoring program. We support leadership development of all members. “I LOVE that we set & achieve goals.” “Amazing leadership that helps keep us motivated & focused on goals.”

What are your personal goals? What steps are you taking to support goals of fellow members?

Fellowship – “We have creative events planned.” “We enjoy ongoing events and contests. “I love how my club strives for experience, yet has a lot of fun in the process.” “My club is versatile and inclusive.” “One thing I love about my club – friendly, energetic, & enthusiastic membership.”

How do you encourage others to participate?

Meetings – “We include humor in every meeting!” “We have “THE GREATEST TABLE TOPICS!” We learn more about each other in every meeting. “My club does well by showing up consistently every week.” “We have a great set-up. We start and end on time.” “We have meetings people enjoy attending.” “We have so much laughter in each meeting! Humor keeps the meeting fun while still maintaining professionalism!” “The one thing I love about my club is the feedback and encouragement I get for my speeches.”

How do your members share the responsibilities for meeting roles and feedback?

Membership Strength – “We support each other.” “I love how our club pulled together in the last month to enroll six new members and encourage each other to reach educational goals.” My club has ENERGY!

How many members participate in your club activities?

The magic of the Toastmasters program occurs in each and every activity your club schedules, plans, and holds. As we begin this new year, where is your club headed? The magic of the program begins with you!

The most common anwer
to the question about
what officers love most:
“The Members!”


What do YOU love best about your club? Leave a comment – and tell us which club!