By: Debbie Baker, Program Quality Director

I believe that all leadership roles are made better by practicing the same skills we learn to enjoy within our club settings. Each of us has a different perspective or ability that provides value to enhance the tools and relationships that we have built over the years. I desire to see the connections within Toastmasters move beyond the clubs. I ask that all officers participate in their Area Councils; this is your opportunity to gather ideas for your clubs, receive communications regarding the District, and to support events such as contests, workshops and conferences. The District operates much better when many hands and minds contribute.

I am Debbie Baker, your new Program Quality Director. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any ideas, needs, or concerns you have. Please consider offering your skills, knowledge and passion with me. There are several leadership opportunities within District 32 that would be excellent HPL projects or provide you with Level 5 Pathways fulfillment connections.

I look forward to meeting several of you during the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year!

Debbie Baker is a long time Toastmaster within District 32, and is a member of three clubs holding several officer roles. Every role has helped form awareness and skills as a leader within the community. Debbie is looking forward to serving as the District Program Quality Director (PQD). PQD goals for this Toastmaster year are to build relationships with members and gather support to help the district function as a closer community.