Congratulations and welcome to Pink Synergy, the newest club to charter in District 32! Pink Synergy is an online club dedicated to helping Mary Kay Consultants support their individual business needs. Kudos to club sponsors Vicki Randolph and Cynthia Sanderson for guiding Pink Synergy into formation. .

Pink Synergy is the third club to charter in D32 this year. The other two new clubs in District 32 are:

  • Laugh Lab Storymasters, which chartered on January 1 2021. Club sponsors Kyle Hall and Michael Niall, and club mentors Adrienne Cappa and Robert (Bob) Flynn were instrumental in the chartering of this club. Laugh Lab Storymasters has earned the Select Distinguished status this year.
  • Nerdmasters, which chartered on January 29, 2021 with the wonderful assistance of club sponsors Michael Davison and Kyle Hall, and club mentors Jaymes O’Pheron and Robin Lee. Nerdmasters has earned Distinguished status this year.

Congratulations to D32’s three new clubs! Also, many thanks to the demo committee and all members supporting new club formation. 

Calling all D32 Toastmasters! Consider participating in the demo committee to support new club formation. Being a club sponsor may fill a requirement for Distinguished Toastmaster award. Serving as a club mentor may fill a different requirement for Distinguished Toastmaster.