Hello Toastmasters.

How does this sound: “Welcome To Nerdcasters! The Toastmasters podcast with Nerdy goodness!”

Nerdcasters? Does it sound intriguing? Are you interested in podcasting? Did you know all 11 Paths have “Create a Podcast” as a Level 4 elective?

Nerdmasters knows this and created Nerdcasters in November 2021 to fulfill this project. Now we are looking to help other Toastmasters with this project. You don’t have to be a Nerdmaster, master nerd or even a nerd to get involved. As Toastmasters you are already qualified.

If you are interested, get a hold of me, Merlyn Miller via email at mkmillerjr@gmail.com or Nerdmasters and we will help you knock out this fun project!