Miscellaneous Mini-Sagas

by Jan 1, 2017

Webmaster Alex Mayo shares a few of his mini-sagas for your enjoyment (or bewilderment).


Superhawks Circus (2-6-14)

Growing up I rarely heard my dad laugh, serious matters occupied his mind. Twelve seconds into the Superbowl, my dad started laughing hard… right after Manning missed a hiked ball giving the Seahawks two points for a Safety.  How fun it was to watch him laugh all throughout the game!


Speech Introduction (1-22-14)

Can you believe it?  Exactly 50 words to help your speechwriting!  Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, honored guests… Tonight I will share with you something amazing I have learned over the years—That Exactly 50 words, namely a short writing form called a mini-saga, Can help you improve your speechwriting skills.


Manatee Me: A Tale of the Sea (9-3-13)

How fun it would be, to be a manatee upon the sea… when hot, I’d swim the ocean blue.  When adventurous, I’d look for Ringo’s Octopus’ Garden.  But most of the time, I’d be lazy, a beach bum—lounging in the sand with two pina coladas—one for each flipper.


Starrrr Wars (8-28-13)

Lando Calrissian is the greatest space-pirate of all time.  He often sports a knee-high cape and a red silk shirt.  Lando lost his bucket o’ rust, the Millennium Falcon, to Han Solo in a game of sabacc, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


A Different Kind of Beauty (1-1-13)

Tonight Kristina shaved her head—I was so proud of her.  When she was done, she startled Adam who had been sleeping.  Kristina didn’t take Adam’s response well—but what’s new about that?   She has always been very pretty, but tonight, Kristina revealed in herself a different kind of beauty.