By: Roberta Craig, Program Quality Director

District 32 has two remaining mid-year club officer training sessions, on January 22 and February 23. While the training is required for club officers, all members are invited to attend. Check out the Club Officer Training page at for details on registration and other resources to make the most of this mid-year training.

Keynotes to focus on marketing

January 22 attendees will DEVELOP a marketing calendar, explore Toastmaster International branding resources, and learn how to advertise club events through Eventbrite.

February 23 attendees will take a deeper dive into Eventbrite by exploring email campaigns and sharing your events through your club’s social media. We will also explore video content resources to ENHANCE your webpages and capture the attention of social media scrollers.

What’s In It For You Breakouts

Mid-year training is an opportunity for members to strategize remaining tasks for the Toastmaster year. From organizing contests, to sharing resources for marketing Toastmasters to prospective members, to transition planning, these sessions will help to ensure that club members continue to THRIVE.