Creating a D32 AccountKyle Hall DTM, CGD (2016/17)

March 21, 2017

Below is a link to a Google Drive folder with documentation on how to use our District’s account FOR FREE. This will allow you to use this powerful social media tool to market your club to people in your geography who are interested in a local communication/leadership program.

District 32 created this Meetup Account we are covering ALL THE COSTS. We did this so that your club can create a FREE Account. When the whole process is done, you should be able to organize Events representing your club’s meetings…and it shouldn’t cost you a dime. If at this time in this process is telling you to pay them money, STOP! You’ve done something wrong.

But what if your club is already paying for an account? Well, you can keep it…and keep paying for it…if you wish. If you want to stop paying for Meetup, cancel your current Meetup Meetings and cancel payment. Then follow the documentation below to join our District’s Meetings.

We want to thank District 70 (Sydney Australia) for allowing us to steal…I’m mean use…their initial documentation and use it as our starting place. You should note, while we’ve updated many of the screen shots in the first 3 documents, you may occasionally find a reference to Sydney. The videos are still the ones made by D70.

You should also note, in some screenshots, we misspelled Kitsap. Yes, we see the error and someday we’ll take the time to fix all those screenshots.

View documentation: [Google Drive Folder]