By Stephanie Lee, DTM, Incoming District 32 Director

Stephanie Lee, Toastmasters District 32 Division E Director

Hello District 32, I want to introduce myself as your District Director for the upcoming 2021-22 club year.

I have been an active and involved Toastmaster for the last 12 years as a charter member of the Untwisted Tongues Toastmasters Club. I am now a member of the Advancing Alaska and Kashim clubs. Over the years I have served as Club President, Club VP of Education, Club VP of Public Relations, Sergeant at Arms, and District Conference Chair. Before the Alaskan Toastmasters became part of DIstrict 32 I served as the Yukon Alaska Council of Toastmasters (YACT) Treasurer for two terms. Since becoming a part of District 32, I have been a two term Area Director, a Division Director, Club Growth Director, and Program Quality Director. I achieved my first Distinguished Toastmaster designation in December 2019, 10 years after joining, thus proving that this is a self-paced educational program!

I have seen this organization from many different vantage points, from a brand new member to a leader in the District Trio. This allows me to have a varied perspective on our District. I hope that this gives me a level of empathy for our members and leaders. I know that we’ve had a tough few years, but I think we’re poised to really make some positive moves in the upcoming club year.

Our theme this year is “Develop, Enhance, Thrive.” We want to show members and leaders how to develop their action plans for success. We want to structure committees to enhance the member experience. We want to help clubs thrive in the hybrid world. In a new hybrid club environment there may be a fear of the unknown, but there are also many unique opportunities to reach new members. 

Toastmasters has been an important part of improving both my personal and professional life. It has given me the confidence to pursue opportunities that I had never thought possible. I am proud of being a Toastmaster and I am proud to serve District 32.