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Last year, in spite of the pandemic, we all learned and grew so much. We never stopped. We never gave up!

A new year has started and Toastmasters from everywhere are continuing their own development. The upcoming District 32 Conference, which will be held online from April 19 to 24, will offer Toastmasters many options to continue on their paths to improvement. The theme for this year’s conference is Imagine, Believe, Achieve!

  • Imagine: With all you have learned and the changes that you started this past year, consider what else you might do to continue moving in the right direction.
  • Believe: Believe that you can take the right steps towards meeting your goals for this year.
  • Achieve: You can achieve all the goals you imagine because you can do and be anything! Whether you are participating in more online training, exploring and visiting other Toastmaster clubs, collaborating in your community, or investing in a mentor/mentee relationship, the key is that you are taking actions to get closer to your target.

This Conference will be filled with a lot of great people who are both bettering themselves and creating a positive impact on the community. Our conference speakers and activities will be identified in a future post For now, let’s learn about some of the amazing people on the Conference Team who are working to put this event together.

Conference Chair:

Deborah Barta has served as President of Untwisted Tongues Toastmasters Club for almost 2 years, and is pretty comfortable with her club and officer duties. By volunteering to help organize the Conference as the Publicity Chair, she has moved out of this comfort zone and pushed herself to broaden her leadership and communication skills. This opportunity will also allow her to complete at least two of her projects under Team Collaboration Pathways: “Successful Collaboration” as well as “Public Relations Strategies.”

Conference Nerdmaster:

Robert Towner is honored to be the 2021 District 32 Conference Nerdmaster. He is passionate about personal and professional development and just as passionate about helping others achieve their own development goals. He is excited to lend his technical skills to the conference to help facilitate a great experience for everyone. He is equally excited for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside other Toastmasters as he works through his own Pathways Project, “Manage Online Meetings.”

Credentials Chair:

Angela Ritchey has volunteered as the Credentials Chair for the District Council Business Meeting to be held during the Conference. Having served in most club and district officer positions, including District Director, Angela understands the importance of having a sufficient number of council members at the District Council Business Meeting to elect future district leaders and conduct district business. Angela hopes to recruit and mentor a few detail-oriented members who are willing to serve as future Chairs. She will be using the Motivational Strategies Level 5 project, “Lessons Learned,” as a resource. She plans to document best practices and enhancements so they will be available for members who serve as the Credentials Chair in the future.

Conference Consultant:

Jaymes O’Pheron is a member of two advanced clubs (Nerdmasters and Sound Advice) and two community clubs (Harbor and Shelton), as well as the Division C Director. Bringing his experience as a professional communicator, he is acting as a consultant to help make the online conference an engaging and memorable experience. He is looking to expand his experience with online conference administration.

Conference Co-Chair:

Carolyn Curley is excited to provide our members with an interactive online conference this year and create opportunities for members to grow, learn, and share outside the club experience. She is currently serving as District 32 Director and is a member of Fairbanks North Star Borough Club, Sweet’s Pride of Fairbanks Club, and Nerdmasters. By using this event as her “Distinguished Toastmaster” capstone project, Carolyn hopes to encourage others to see how the projects in the Pathways Educational Learning Program will help them practice skills they can use throughout their life.

How about you? Start by saving the dates of April 19 through 24 and be on the watch for more information.

IMAGINE, BELIEVE, and know you can ACHIEVE anything!