• How is a new club formed?
  • Where can I get help for my low-member club?
  • How can I get more members for my club?
  • How can we keep the members we have?

If you’ve ever asked these questions – I am here to answer them! I’m Stephanie Lee, and I am your friendly, neighborhood Club Growth Director. And I’m here to help you and your club!

The Club Growth Director (CGD) and team are responsible for all these areas. In addition, we make the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. We plan, develop, implement, and direct district marketing objectives. We develop and direct programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion, and membership retention. We’re responsible for achieving Distinguished District goals for membership and club growth.

Taking on this role has been a big step for me, and this new club year offers great opportunities for you to also take those big leadership steps. As the CGD, I am working to put together several committees to help us all become more successful as a District. I am looking for anyone willing to help with building new clubs, helping struggling clubs, and shepherding the District through the two dues renewal periods. If you have a background in marketing, social media management, sales, writing, public affairs, journalism, or human resources – I WANT YOU! The commitment is 1-2 hour hours per week and a monthly check-in call. If you have the desire to help with any of these committees, please contact me!