Stephanie Lee, District 32 Director 2021-2022

“May you live in interesting times,” for eons has been quoted as a Chinese curse, but I like to look at it as a challenge and opportunity for all of us in District 32. We’ve spent the last 2 club years adapting to a dizzying amount of firsts: first online trainings, first online meetings, first online contests, and first online conferences and conventions. But the members and leaders in our District rose to those challenges to charter 4 new clubs and have 8 clubs achieved Distinguished status.This next club year, we want to keep that momentum going to help all members and clubs to develop, enhance, and thrive.

I hope that through our education and training efforts that members find opportunities to develop their skills to help improve their professional and personal goals. By encouraging members to step up to help with various District events, I hope that their experience in Toastmasters is enhanced. And with members attending quality training sessions and events, I hope that clubs thrive because of the renewed excitement.

But the District cannot do any of this without you, the member. Service to members is what we’re all volunteering to be here for. Myself and all the District 32 leadership team hope that you are as excited about the opportunity to develop, enhance, and thrive as we are.