The Spring District Council Meeting is May 6 at 9 AM Alaska / 10 AM Pacific. Every Toastmasters club in good standing will have the opportunity to vote on issues that will affect the future of our District.

First up is the 2023-2024 District Alignment

As much as we would love to celebrate our district’s success, the reality is not all of our clubs have survived Covid’s impact despite the dedicated work of its members. As a result of Toastmasters International alignment guidelines require a minimum of three Areas per Division, we will be losing a Division. The Alignment Committee is still finalizing alignment considerations and will present a final proposal for the District Council’s Approval on May 6. Clubs are encouraged to share information, about their members that should be taken into consideration, with their Area and Division Directors. Stay tuned to the 2023 District Conference page for updates.

Second is the Election of our 2023-2024 Leaders.

Check out the Candidates Corner for highlights on this year’s candidates. Hear from your future leaders directly by attending the Candidate Showcase on Thursday, May 4. Click here to submit questions for the candidates ahead of this forum. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS IS 4/27.

Floor candidates must submit Completed Paperwork with letter of intent to run for certification by the District Director no later than 5:00 PM Alaska Time.

The vote on is future district contests. 

Where as the need to encourage new members to expand their networking opportunities outside of their clubs in a fun and engaging way, and provide clubs an additional opportunity to market the benefits of Toastmasters, we propose review of the contests currently sponsored by District 32.

In 2018, in response to Toastmasters International eliminating Fall District Conferences, District 32 voted to sponsor only Evaluation contests in conjunction with the required International Speech contest. The motion was passed with the condition to consider possible a rotating schedule of contests in the future. With the recent changes to International Speech eligibility, the District is seeking member input from members on District sponsored contests.

Let your voice be heard!

Dear District Leaders, Club Presidents, Vice Presidents of Education and Members of District 32 Clubs, 

The course our District takes is up to you. With the passing of Proposal L at the 2022 Annual Business Meeting, it is the responsibility of the Club President and Vice President Education, the club’s two voting representatives on the District Council, to attend and vote at all District Council meetings. While each club must determine if one of its two representatives will carry the club’s two votes, or if both representatives will carry one vote each, no other proxies are allowed

On the basis of two (2) votes per club, one-third of the Member Clubs in good standing in the District shall constitute a quorum for all District Council meetings. The maximum votes that any one member can cast is two votes, with an additional vote for District Executive Council Members. 

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to ensure that we have an email address that is accessible to you May 6, and to identify the which club votes you will be representing. Please register via Eventbrite. Voting members must have internet access to our voting platform to cast their votes when called.

All District Members are encouraged to review documents in the District Council Meeting Packet available through the link provided and advise your voting representative on what course you wish the District to take.

It is my belief that through reconnecting and recommitting to our personal growth goals, and to each other, we will rise above our imagined limitations and exceed our goal to be a distinguished district.

I look forward to seeing you May 6 at 9 AM Alaska / 10 AM Pacific.


Roberta Craig

2022-2023 District 32 Director