By: Carolyn Curley, Immediate Past District Director

My club is struggling. We are down to 5 members. As Club President, I wondered what we could do to make meetings fun. I turned to Pathways for inspiration. Motivational Strategies, Level 5 project – Team Building provided ideas. We could use a meeting for a fun team building activity.

We began planning our activity – a “campfire” where we can come together online and share stories. First, I gathered the materials. What do we need for a fun campfire if we cannot meet around an actual bonfire? Take advantage of holidays to combine opportunities for fun. The next step was to get the items to our members. Each step required consideration for members not in my local vicinity. I cannot mail flammable materials, but each member has candles and matches. I forgot about the federal holiday delaying mail. Luckily, by discussing our plans prior to the event, we made sure our paid members could participate. Due to unexpected family emergencies, our club wound up delaying our planned campfire until November 1, 2021. Instead of that campfire, we had a marvelous discussion for a club reboot scheduled January 3, 2021.

Sweet’s Pride of Fairbanks has decided to continue to thrive. We meet Mondays from 6pm-7pm Alaska / 7pm-8pm Pacific.

We are using activities in our projects to help us grow personally and as a club. Contact us through our club website if you are interested in learning new skills in a fun, encouraging environment.