by Ginny Grabowski, District Director

Any time of year is a great time to consider gratitude. Making a practice of being grateful for things in our life…struggles included…changes our internal atmosphere. Gratitude changes our vibrations and can turn even the most miserable situation into something more tolerable and may help us find a way to take action and make a change.

We kick off a season of gratitude with Thanksgiving and pick up the pace through the holidays and into the end of the year.

And then there’s the Toastmasters stuff we are doing:

  • Area Directors have club visit reports due (THANK YOU ADs for getting this done. My inbox is happily flooded with reports and more are arriving daily.)
  • Prepping for next year is happening. The District Leadership Committee is starting to look at who will be a leader for next year (yes, already). If you’re interested in District Leadership (Area Director, Division Director, Trio, Finance Manager, Admin Manager or PR Manager), contact Kyle. You can also reach out to anyone in one of those positions to find out what we really do.
  • Holiday parties. Many of our clubs are planning holiday-themed events to celebrate the warmth of the season and to appreciate what we all do throughout the year.

Thank you for everything you do for District 32, for your club and for yourself in Toastmasters. Together, we are making the world a better place and for that, I am grateful.