Club Presidents and Secretaries, your club has a voice with Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International emailed the information to those officers. Either the Club President or Secretary can assign the proxy for the club’s 2 votes to a single person. Here are the steps for voting this year.

  1. Register for the ONLINE Conference:
  2. In Club Central, either the Club President or Secretary will select the icon to Assign Proxy. The assignment can be given to either the Club President or Secretary, any other club member, the District Director, or any other active Toastmaster. This step MUST be completed before August 18. The proxy must be assigned for the club proxy holder to VOTE.
  3. The designated proxy holder MUST log into Toastmaster International. Under the member profile, there will be a link to View Proxy Information. The member will need to view, certify, and confirm their ability to vote. This is part of the credentials process.
  4. Between August 19 and August 22, the proxy holder MUST attend a 30-minute training session. There will be on-demand opportunities as well as 3 live sessions that can be viewed. This will provide the proxy holder with the information for how to cast their votes.
  5. Attend the business meeting on August 28. Voting will be open for 24 hours after the business meeting ends.
  6. Results will be announced August 29 at 6PM GMT 

Information about the candidates and the two proposals up for vote can be found on Toastmasters International: 

 2020 TI Annual Business Meeting Information

Toastmasters International will email proxy holders with the information. We want to have ALL clubs in D32 have their voice heard. Assign your proxy before August 18, 2020.

Meet up with D32 leadership to discuss candidates on Sunday, August 16. 4pm Alaska, 5pm Pacific. RSVP on Eventbrite!